Let’s Make This Personal…

Since I have started this journey of explaining the importance of tattoos and how they effect one so deeply I thought I might as well get one to kick off a new beginning for me. As of today, I am officially at double digits, ten tattoos, yet I think number ten holds some of the most significance for me. I started this journey in my hometown of Belmar, NJ at the shop Fast Times.


Now after explaining what I wanted and why (will reveal at the end), my artist, Hans, began to draw out exactly what I wanted and seen here I was being stenciled out for placement of my new piece.


I think one of the most exciting moments of getting tattooed is laying down on one of the beds, smelling all of the cleaners, and hearing the roaring of the needles right before they begin to dig away and leave masterpieces in one’s skin. Above is, though a horrible picture, of me and Hans setting up right before the needle goes into my elbow leaving beauty.


Just a casual mid-tattoo shot featuring Hans of Fast Times.


After an agonizing half hour of constant back and forth into my arm, I was permanently left with the most beautiful reminder to myself. I explained to Hans that growing up I was always drowning within the depths of everything I hated about myself and what I was going through growing up in a broken family. It was not until recently that I began to learn to love myself and take care of me not for anyone else, friends, family, significant others, but most importantly myself. This quote is to remind me to fall in love with myself first before anything else.

Hans had used Eternal Ink which I will be reviewing in a later post if anyone was wondering. To review his tattooing style, he had a great hand in an especially sensitive area of the body. Now I have some tattoos in the most sensitive spots and to give a 1-10 scale of discomfort for around the elbow with 1 being the feeling of sunburn and 10 being the level of actually fainting, I would rate this a solid 7. Around the elbow is a very sensitive spot, especially with the fact that it goes over some major bones. During the process I was beat red in the face and sweating profusely throughout the half hour. This is just a personal examination of the pain and everyone will have a different tolerance for the pain. As for me this was a brutal spot, but it was beautifully done and well worth its pain!

The aftercare follows with wearing a bandage for 2 hours. Following the bandage you must clean, clean, and I can not say this enough CLEAN, the area that had just been tattooed. For about 2 days post tattoo one should put on a thin layer of healing ointment, I prefer Aquaphor, to help the process of healing and sealing the ink in. After that one can use regular lotion to maintain the tattoo and prevent dryness and cracking.


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