Tattoos in the Workplace?

It seems more and more that tattoos are becoming less taboo in the work force, but there are many questions still at hand. What gives? What professions are allowing more visible body modifications? Does it effect job opportunities? Now I have researched several articles in search to find out if this adventure I am currently going on is going to affect my potential of getting jobs in the future and well…it seems not so much.


Over 1/3 of the population in the United States has a tattoo and 40% of Millennials now have one as well. As times are changing and so are people which is something corporations and job fields are now starting to realize the effect of. Yes, there are some who have strict dress codes of no visible tattoos, but now more so there are unsuspected fields who are becoming okay with the concept of visible ink.

For starters: Hospitals

Now more so hospital staffs whether it be admitting, patient care, doctors, nurses, and secretaries have been allowed to have visible ink upon their bodies.


Lets be real…who is actually going to see these office professionals who are sitting in a cubicle all day typing reports? Nobody. Point being is since they are behind the scenes, the fact that they have ink is becoming less of an issue than some would think.


Yes. Teachers. School teachers ranging from Pre-K to Professors are granted access to have any non discriminatory or offense tattoos out for display. Children are not going to be suppressed to the fact that this world enjoys art and that people are covered in something that they love.

That is just a few to name off really quickly but its been a journey for acceptance to be able to have a professional job and still have ink. Though it seems a little strange still, its now becoming more of a normative. Especially since the generation up and coming to run this nation will be the Millennials and since most of us have tattoos…I am doubting this is going to be an issue for much longer.

Why though? Why now? Well here is the thing, professions are turning their back on a person’s appearance now due to their fear of losing a potentially great employee. Seeing as this is a widely practiced culture, companies do not want to miss out on their best opportunity because something so small and insignificant. With this generation rising and taking jobs, it is not uncommon to see a tattoo, they are not trashy but rather beautiful within their own.


(Images used are not mine…go to Google)


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