Tattooers Honor Code in Question

Just a few moments ago I read an article that sparked my interest. A blogger named Jane Marie from attacked an artist over social media because her artist refused to tattoo her neck. She had few to no tattoos and immediately that enlighten my mind because everyone in the tattoo community knows that the only way to get your hands and neck done are when you are fully tattooed for the most part. They’re usually the last places that get done and to read about how this woman was bashing this artist was incredible.


Excuse the language in the link but it’s kinda true if you understand how sarcastic they’re trying to make it sound. For this woman to globally bash him over the internet and wanting him out of business is too extreme. The artist, Dan Bythewood, was trying to do the right thing by only reserving these tattoos for heavily tattooed people and by a 40 year old, barely tattooed woman to come in the shop asking for one…she should have known better.

Marie went on to claim that Bythewood was a even after he explained he has to reject men and women daily for these types of tattoos and went on a rampage on her blog. Below is a picture of said blog post…


I honestly scoffed and then laughed at this entire post due to how ridiculous this woman is being. Why would she want one her first spots on the side of her neck? How about the back of it? Arm? Leg? Wrists? Why is she so gung ho? Who knows but in all honesty I respect the artists decision for not doing it.


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