Eternal Ink Review

Eternal Ink is a widely used brand in either many or most tattoo shops. Personally, most of my tattoos have been done using this brand and I have nothing to complain about though some have said they have had a skin reaction; there is always a risk for reactions. It does not matter what ink your artist uses, there is a risk for an allergic reaction that could causing bubbling in the skin.


The reason I support this ink as much as I do is for the fact that it is made with an all organic ingredient list. The ink has organic pigmenting, witch hazel, and alcohol. It is known to be carcinogen free, preservative free, and is vegan. This ink has never been tested or used on animals which is something that I am a huge activist about as well.

From different reviews and recommendations from artists that I have talked to, many intend on using Eternal Ink due to the fact that it goes in faster than some other brands and that the color is bright. Even though all tattoos will fade over time and touch ups are a must, Eternal Ink seems to stay in for quite some time.

All in all from what I have heard and personally gone through is that Eternal Ink is one of the best out there. Artists from multiple shops and from different states have personally recommended it to me and with the tattoos of color that I do have, for the most part the ink has held to it’s true color.